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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tips and Tricks for Connect a system DNS in Microsoft FrontPage

This post provide Microsoft office support for how to connect System DNS in Microsoft FontPage 200.In Microsoft FrontPage® 98, you had to set up a System Data Source Name (DSN) - a named resource on your computer - to connect to a database. In FrontPage 2000, you define a FrontPage Database Connection to connect to a database. A FrontPage Database Connection is a series of properties that the FrontPage-based database features use to make a connection to ODBC-compliant databases, to read information from them, and to add information to them. Because of this new feature, a System DSN is no longer required for database access in FrontPage 2000. However, you can use a System DSN as one of the four types of FrontPage Database Connections.

To define a database connection:

1. On the Tools menu, click Web Settings, and then click the Database tab.
2. Click Add, and supply the necessary information.

Note You can also access the Web Settings dialog box while in Step 1 of the Database Results Wizard - one of the database interfaces in FrontPage. Click Use a new database connection, and then click Create.

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