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Friday, March 20, 2009

Microsoft Excel Backup Assistent

Today i am going to discuss and list Microsoft Office support tips for how to use Excel backup Assistant.The Backup Assistant is designed to help you make backup copies of your workbooks before you make changes to them. One of its most useful features is to prompt you to backup a file immediately after it is opened! Eliminate the worry about messing up a file and not having an up-to-date backup.

Do you have these problems:

* Important files that need to be routinely saved?
* Trouble remembering to backup important files/folders?
* Trouble remembering the directory of a backed up file?

The Backup Assistant can solve all of these problems and more!

To use, just select File/Backup Assistant to display the following dialog:
The first two options allow you to either backup the active file or to backup a group of files. The name of the active file is shown on the first option button. If you select the option to backup a group of files all of the files you have open are displayed in the selection list including hidden files like Personal.xls.

The second group of options allows you to select the destination directory. To use the option of a default backup directory you must first specify the directory by using the button "Set / Change Default Directory". If you use the option to select a directory you can either select a directory via a directory list or by a list of the past 30 directories you have selected via this option.

The checkbox immediately below the directory selection options allows you to have the backup files put in a subdirectory of the specified folder named "Backup YYYY MM DD" (example: Backup 2003 12 02) that is created if needed. This gives you the option to segregate your backups by day backed up.
The next set of options allows you to specify the file name. The first option saves the backup with the year month day hour and minute that the backup file was created. Other options allow you to specify a suffix or prefix or the file name that will be used

The last two checkboxes give you the option to prevent a file being over written without your approval and to save the current file before making the backup. The backup that is created is a copy of the workbook with all edits that have been done to it up to the point of backup. By saving the original file you insure that it and the backup are identical.

As you can see the Backup Assistant is completely menu driven. The menus are easy to follow and use. When you select options on the main dialog they are bolded so that you can easily see which ones are selected. And to help you learn how to use the features of the Backup Assistant, there is an exercise file to give you hands on practice. To open it, just select the Help/About button.

The Options button gives you the following choices:

* Creation of a quick access button
* Ability to turn-off the automatic prompt for backup when a workbook is opened.

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