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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Publish a workbook to Excel Services

If you have access to Excel Services, which is a server running Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that is capable of running Excel Calculation Services, you can publish a workbook to that server so that other users can access all or parts of the data that it contains in a browser (browser: Software that interprets HTML files, formats them into Web pages, and displays them. A Web browser, such as Windows Internet Explorer, can follow hyperlinks, transfer files, and play sound or video files that are embedded in Web pages.) by using Microsoft Office Excel Web Access.

When you publish a workbook to Excel Services, the entire workbook is published on the server, but you can define the parts of the workbook (such as individual worksheets, named ranges, or charts) that you want Excel Services to display in Office Excel Web Access. By displaying only specific parts of the workbook and by using Office SharePoint Server 2007 permissions to help protect the workbook from unauthorized access, you can keep data in the workbook confidential while enabling authorized users to refresh, recalculate, and interact with the viewable data.

You can also define parameters. Parameters are single cells that can have their values defined by Office Excel Web Access users. You can use parameters to expose cells that can drive workbook calculation, such as a what-if analysis that is using the values that users enter in cells that are specified as parameters.

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