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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to Querying a Web Page in Excel 2003

How to Querying a web page in Excel 2003? In addition to querying Excel workbooks, Access and other database applications, you can also extract dynamic data from a Web page using an Excel query. Querying a Web page in Excel 2003 is a great option if you plan to take out data from a source repetitively.
To create an Excel query that uses a Web page as a data source, you'll need to find the correct URL of the Web page from which you want to retrieve data. Excel 2003 has limited browser capabilities, so you'll need to use a genuine browser to access the Web page you want to query. Copy the complete URL to the clipboard.
Open the worksheet that will receive the queried data. Choose Data > Import External Data > New Web Query. Excel 2003 will open the New Web Query dialogue box. The New Web Query dialogue box will open with your browser's default home page. Paste the URL from the clipboard into the location bar at the top of the New Web Query dialogue box. Click Go, to the right of the location bar.
Excel will carry up the tables available on the Web page you've selected, displayed with a yellow arrow to the left of each available table. To select the table, click the arrow. The yellow arrow will turn into a green check mark. To deselect a table, toggle the green check mark. When it is deselected, it will revert to the yellow arrow symbol. Once you have selected your desired table(s), click the Import button at the bottom of the dialogue box.
When your Web query is complete, Excel will present the Import Data dialogue box. To place data in a spreadsheet click an available cell and click OK. The imported data will appear in the active spreadsheet.
When querying a Web page in Excel 2003, Excel will not preserve the formatting you've applied to data imported from the Web, so each time you run the query, all of your formatting preferences will be lost. You'll also be presented with the External Data toolbar, so you can refresh your data as often as you'd like.

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