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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft software runs most of the programs and systems used by businesses, government agencies, the academe, and just about any individual. You may have already secured the services of information technology professionals to prep up your IT system or troubleshoot for you. One, if not all of them, is probably Microsoft Certified.

Information technology professionals need to have certifications. This would attest to their expertise in their fields. These certifications supplement their list of credentials, apart from their college degrees related to information technology. And one of these certifications is the Microsoft Certification.

The Microsoft Certification is for IT professionals who implement and administer the wide range of Microsoft products and Microsoft-based programs. A comprehensive exam is administered to candidates to test their knowledge and skills relating to the general and specific applications of the different Microsoft products and solutions. This is important as clients often look to their troubleshooters and administrators as experts in the field.

The process of applying for a certification prepares the IT professional for any situation that he may encounter at work. For them to pass, they must show expertise on the following areas: desktop support with a corresponding MCDST, systems administration with a corresponding MCSA, systems engineering with a corresponding MCSE, database administration with a corresponding MCDBA, training with a corresponding MCT, application development with a corresponding MCAD, and solution development MS Office specialist certifications. Candidates who pass the exams gain the title of a Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP.

Review classes and training programs are available for candidates around the globe. Online programs for distance learners are also offered in a number of Web sites. Application for the certification and processing is available online as well.

Microsoft Certification helps information technology professionals land good jobs and assures their clients of quality and standard services and products. This also protects the name of Microsoft Office Support Canada

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