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Monday, September 29, 2008

Have Your Truly Discovered Your Microsoft Office Program

Not long ago, like 10s of millions of Americans I upgraded my Microsoft Office Program to the Professional Office 2007, which has Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Explorer, etc, etc. Then, today as I was going through my personal business library I noticed that I had an old copy of "Discovering Microsoft Office 2000" a program that I used nearly everyday for 7 years and you know what?

In paging through this book that came with the program for about 15-minutes, while sipping on some coffee, I noted at least 5 things that the program is capable of doing, but I never realized it, never used those features and now feel somewhat embarrassed about it. So, I ask you have you untapped all the features of your Microsoft Programs, they are truly feature rich.

Why is this significant? Well, many people go and buy add-on software to do various things when in reality their current Microsoft Software already has such features. Even worse, sometimes you hear people bad mouth Microsoft Office Support Canada and the truth is they really do not know how to work the software they have. Microsoft has all sorts of free tutorials online to help you with your productivity and teach you all the great components and abilities of your software.

May I make a suggestion to you? Before complaining about your Microsoft Software, check out all the great features, spend some extra time studying up on it and checking out the valuable tutorials that come with it and those that are online for free. The latest Microsoft Office 2007 is incredible and I guarantee you, I will not make the same mistake I did with Office 2000, this time, I am going to unlock my productivity and potential with Microsoft Office 2007.

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